Wedding Invitations Inspired by Travel

Themes are a wonderful thing; they allow you to represent some things in your life that are special and dear to you. When it comes to a couple entering the vow of holy matrimony, then you look at the mutual interest, then you might something that would hit home. Wedding invitations from Australia are styled and designed in ways that have a touch of this great nation in its art and designs, and depending on the theme you have picked out, it might also differ. There are many ways in which instil that essence into your wedding invitations from Australia, and this week we have a travel inspired theme.

If traveling is something that you love, and IF you are also hoping to travel out of Australia for your honeymoon, well maybe this theme of wedding invitations would be ideal for you. Let’s look at how travel can be incorporate into wedding invitations. One thing for sure, this won’t be a traditional invite, because such worldly themes never tend to be traditional.  Let’s look at how we can bring out its essence into paper.

One way for your wedding invitations from Australia to be reminiscent of travel is to theme it after Air Mail.  Taking the red and blue border found in air mail envelopes, you can use that customary design for the border of your wedding invitation from Australia. A simple yet beautiful design it can be if done right, especially if the rest of the wedding theme revolves around red and blue.

Having yourself wedding invitations styled after a passport is another way of going about telling everybody about what are in store for you two. Not only will it look authentic but also you can go about make it truly wonderful by even incorporating arrival and departure stamps, just for authenticity’s sake.  Then there’s the option of styling it after an airline ticket or even a tag. Now, that’s something to think about.

If not you could also try for something that has more to do with the design on a customary folded wedding invitation from Australia. This design could be anything from a map of the country or the city in the background facing of your invite. A detailed map of where you are hosting it, making your directions card truly efficient.

However, that’s not all. There are many ways in which you can instil the essence of travel into your wedding invitations from Australia. Share with us your favourite travel themed wedding invitations!

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